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Monday, January 17, 2011


To those of you who coupon and "get it", I say WOW.  I watched a portion of ABC's extreme couponing, and I couldn't believe the savings these people were getting.  So I figured I'd better jump on the bandwagon and try and save my family a little more money.  I've done two shopping trips using coupons.  The first one, I'm not sure how much was really saved, since it's not stuff I would normally get, but it was a pretty good deal.  Today's shopping trip was a bit different.  I saved $25!!!!! Of course I spent about that much too.  It would've been more savings but I got lost in all my coupons and missed some things, grabbed the wrong things.  
Hopefully by the end of january though, I will have this down to an art!
Anyone here coupon? Have any tips, or fun stories to share?  Know of any good deals going on?


  1. I've tried couponing a bit, but honestly, I don't usually want to buy the things that are offered, and I too always grab the wrong thing, or the wrong number of items or something. It's more stress than it's worth to me.

  2. Ask Marie, she got pretty good at that stuff before the big D thingy happened.


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