Friday, March 18, 2011

Cleaning up the Dumping grounds

Everyone has one in their home.  If you don't, please tell me the secret!  Our dumping ground takes flight and moves around a lot.  I'll get one cleaned, and the next day it has just moved.  I need a war strategy to fight this!  But in the meantime, we'll keep taking it one battle at a time.
awww, that looks so much better!  The best part is, it really only took me about 10minutes.  Walking past it though, it felt daunting and like it would be a day long task.  I need to remember that things look worse than they really are.  Any bets on how long it will stay this way?

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  1. only touch something once is the rule we are trying to follow...for example the mail: get it when you have time to go though and take care of it right then and not just put it on the table for later.


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