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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Budget Wall Art

I pretty much spent my day yesterday looking at the wall in our front room. We had this large bare spot that needed something, but a framed picture would've looked too cluttered.  We got to thinking about vinyl lettering and decided we'd go that route.  Then Mark came up with the brilliant idea to just paint it.  It would be a lot cheaper, and could actually fit into our budget.
The first step was designing what we wanted.  I knew it would say "Love is Spoken Here", but I still needed a good font.  After playing around for a bit with the fonts, Mark sat down, and in 5 minutes had the whole design done on photoshop.

To humor Mark, and because not many people will make the connection, the font and star are takes from his favorite band - Smashing Pumpkins.

The next step was finding someone to print our 2 foot by 3 foot design.  We went with Alphagraphics for just under $4! Now that's a deal.
After picking up the poster, I taped it up on the wall, and marked the corners.
Once I had it where I wanted it, I removed it from the wall to cut out the letters, creating a stencil. Anywhere the white wasn't attached (middle of R), I laid some tape on to keep it in place.  Then it was back on the wall.
At this point, I then used a pencil to trace the whole design right on to the wall. Finally the fun part! Painting. We used some black acrylic paint that we already had on hand.

Mark helped for a little, until Princess R woke up from her nap. We got Princess V and C to take some pictures.

Almost done, just touching up the edges!
DONE! It only took about 5hours from start to finish, but so worth every minute, and neck ache. Did you notice my yard sale find? I picked up knowing that this was exactly where it was going!


  1. That looks great and so clever! I would have never of thought of that...

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