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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

WW - Definitely NOT Okra

Remember the Okra I planted? I was so excited because out of about 50 seeds, I only got one to grow. Well, turns out I got none. As you can see it is most definitely not Okra. The question now begs, where did this Sunflower come from?


  1. While I would be upset that my okra turned into a sunflower, it is an nice sunflower ;)

  2. It must have been left over from last season. I was surprised that you didn't recognize a sunflower seed! They are very distinctive looking seeds. I'll bet the previous owner had sunflowers growing in that area last summer. One dropped a seed and that's what grew. Sorry about the okra seeds not sprouting. There are lots of fun educational things you can do with sunflowers!

  3. haha! Beautiful. I would take a sunflower over okra any day (I don't like okra!=P)


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