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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Get to Know Me Better 12/15

Weekly meme hosted by I am a Reader Not a Writer
This week is a Holiday Edition!

1. Red or Green?  I like red better. Possibly because I grew up with a ton of green. My maiden name is Greene, and my parents really took it far. We never had to wear green on St Patricks day because it was our last name (warped I know). My parents considered naming all their kids things like Fern and Sea. I am so thankful they didn't!  Their most recent green idea is their house. There is green trim, a green front door, and green carpeting. It doesn't look bad, but I think I got overloaded with green growing up.  To me red is just a nicer color.

2. Favorite Christmas Carol?  Here we go a Wassailing.  Probably stems from the fact that Wassail is a really good drink, and my favorite during the holidays as well.  Check out this awesome recipe I concocted.

3. What do you want for Christmas?  A floor to ceiling pantry. And it looks like I'll be getting it too! I can't wait to share the before and after pics with you all!

4. Favorite Holiday treat?  Oh gosh, I love treats. I have no favorite. I really love baking Peanut Butter Kiss Cookies. I also just made this Apple Cheesecake Streusel the other day and it is divine!!
5. Favorite Holiday Tradition?  We haven't established any yet. But growing up my favorite was our Penny Auction. My dad dressed as Santa, one of the kids got to be his elf helper. Then we had a huge bag of things that we had bought at yard sales throughout the year.  They were all wrapped up. Everyone got 10 pennies and the bidding was on!  Oh it was so much fun! 
I'd love to know more about you my readers!! Go ahead and answer the questions in the comments, or on your blog!


  1. First that picture does look divine! I want to reach in grab it, and eat it! Also wow with the green LOL That is kind of cute that they celebrate their last name but I can see why you would be overloaded! I can't wait to see your new pantry. Awesome! Bidding seems fun too.

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  2. What a lovely thing you did with your dad dressed in Santa!! I love it! It's so nicee :)

    About the green.. haha that was so so funny :) Honestly, you rock! ;)

  3. Oh man, that picture just made my mouth water!

    That's funny about your parents. I too would be sick of the color green if everything was green in my life.

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