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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Scrapbooking Photo Craft

Another pinterest inspired craft! 
This pin

Led me to create this!
It's been awhile since I've pulled out my scrapbooking supplies. I've got boxes of paper, stickers and embelishments, I just rarely find the time or the right inspiration to use them.  I'm really pleased with the outcome of this display, and will enjoy putting it out each year. 

Today I'm linking up to this great blog!


  1. Crafting is a wonderful way to display your photos. Photo crafts make great decorations,souvenirs, and gifts. A photo, an idea, and simple crafting skills are all you need to transform your pictures into giftable art. Thanks a lot.

  2. This turned out so pretty, Adelina! we are featuring it on the blog today. Will be sharing on facebook, twitter and pinterest as well!


  3. It's time to vote for TSWL's Finest of December 2011! Votation is open until January 6. The winner will have then qualify to the TSWL's Finest of 2011 competition where the winner could win lots of prizes!

    Invite your followers and friends to vote for you!

    Happy New Year!



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