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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Tip - Cleaning the bathrooms

Tuesday Tips

I dread cleaning the bathrooms. I don't know why, it's probably one of the quickest rooms in the house to clean. It also has the potential to stay cleaner longer then say the playroom, but I still dread cleaning it.
Ideally I would give it a thorough cleaning once a week, in reality, it's a lot less than that.
So when I came across this article through pinterest, I was ecstatic!

Yes, I  just said ecstatic in association with cleaning the bathrooms!! 
I grabbed my notepad, and wrote down the simple step by step instructions and headed to the bathroom.  I've never used microfiber towels in my bathroom, or paper towels. In the past I've used a myriad of different cleaners for the different surfaces as well.
Comet for the toilet, tub and sink.
Windex for the mirror.
Ammonia for the floor.
And then of course, tougher grime, I pulled out the tougher cleaners. Needless to say, you could easily get poisoned with the different cleaners I would use in one cleaning session.  According to this professional cleaner, all you need is one. I decided to use a vinegar and water mixture, and was pleased with the results. By following the step by step guide, I think I cut the time I usually spend cleaning the bathroom in half. 

Now I don't know about you, but my shower doors get all covered in that white soap and hard water scum. Not even vinegar and water will clean that off! I was pretty sure I'd tried it all, short of replacing the doors, but decided to do one more pinterest search.
Let me just tell you how desperate I was getting -
Goo-Be-Gone - works but takes a whole lot of elbow grease and would take 48hours to completely clean (estimated time, but I spent a good afternoon and got maybe a 1/4 to a 1/2 of one door clean)
Steam Mop - Oh yeah, I even tried steam mopping it off!! I have to laugh at myself for this one, but it was sure worth the try. No it didn't work.

But guess what! I found it! The KEY to cleaning your shower doors!

Lemon Dusting Spray. 
You're joking right? That was my first thought when I came across this tip. But hey, I'd just attempted to steam mop it off, why not try the Lemon Duster? I had some, and it wasn't getting any other use in my house.
Wow! Mothers, housekeepers, stay at home dads - rejoice! When Mark got home last night, I couldn't stop talking about the amazingly clear shower doors. I sprayed it on, and left it for about an hour. When I came back, I already saw the difference. It was like soap scum was something I had made up, a fantasy.
Here's my little advice and what I learned though.
- Don't spray the floor of your shower, it will get very slippery. Perhaps lay a towel down inside to catch any drips.
 - If it dries on, it will look like it cleaned itself and you may think you got out of any scrubbing. Sorry, you'll see the lemon spray next time you shower. Just get a damp rag and rinse off the doors after you've let it work it's magic.
- Lastly, textured showered doors clean much better than clear. The clear doors are going to take a little more elbow grease than the textured doors.

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  1. Where do you get this lemon stuff? I need some!

    1. Jen, I used Endust. You can probably pick some up in Walmart or Target. I rarely use the stuff for dusting, so I don't remember where I bought mine. Here's what it looks like though http://endust.com/

  2. I use the vinegar/water solution for most general cleaning, but one of my tools in cleaning the bathroom is a stainless steel scrub . . . goodbye soap scum! And pumice stones work well for hard water stains in the toilet bowl.

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