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Friday, May 25, 2012

May After - The Yard


Well we did it, we got sod laid down in our backyard.  It's so much nicer and easier to take the kids out back, or even just open the door and let them run.  I no longer have to worry that they'll come in with dirt all over their heads, because let's face it throwing dirt in the air is the funnest (hint of sarcasm here).

Unfortunately you can tell we did this ourselves and on a limited budget.  We tried to flatten the ground as best we could, but it's still pretty bumpy.  It's also dieing in some spots, so we'll be headed out for some grass feed this weekend to try and save it.  I think we'll also need to readjust our sprinklers to make sure they reach this spot.

On a happier note, Mark bought me flowers and tomato plants for mothers day. and they are looking good!
The tomatos are starting to flower now too! I'm pretty excited for another good tomato year (so far they're my most successful plant)

The kids love the flowers too!


  1. The garden looks great! Love the purples and yellows in there! The sod may take a while to come together but might eventually strengthen with a lot of watering. Hope it takes; in the meantime enjoy having grass instead of dirt! It's a lot of work and I'm sure your kids are enjoying it!!

    1. Thanks Lisa! The kids are enjoying it a lot. They miss their "sand box" lol, but they're getting used to it.

  2. the garden is so pretty! and good luck with the sod- i have never done it before, but i think sometimes it just takes time for it to sort of acclimate. :)

  3. Oh wow, I see so many possibilities for that yard. I'm sure your kids will have fun with that. And the flowers look beautiful. Are you planning to add some more?

    1. Jayme, it is such a nice big yard. I have quite a number of annuals planted around the house, that the previous owner planted. I'd like to add more, and change things up a bit.

  4. Thanks for stopping by Cassie. This was our first attempt with sod, and I just wish we had tried a bit harder to make it look good. We got a lot of rain this weekend, and the grass is starting to look better.


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