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Monday, July 30, 2012

Meals when you Move

Oh menu planning, how I miss you!

This week is moving week. We get our Uhaul on Friday, and we'll be gone on Saturday. That means a lot of packing, and quick meals this week. 

When you're getting ready for a move, you don't want to be spending your time in the kitchen. Normally that's where most of my days are spent, but it just can't happen this week. I have other things that have to be done. Paper plates are the only thing on my grocery list this week. I don't want to move a bunch of perishables either.  That means I've got to plan meals that use up everything in my fridge and freezer.

Lunches for the week are going to consist of a lot of leftovers!

Monday - Pasta and Meatballs
Tuesday - steak pizzaiola
Wednesday - Chicken Nuggets
Thursday - Surprise! whatever is left that needs to be eaten
Friday - pizza out
Saturday - ? maybe a nice new neighbor will bring us a meal. Or we'll find a local place to eat out
Sunday - Sandwiches

Have you ever moved? How did you work out meals?


  1. It sounds like you have the right plan. I always try to use whatever is leftover in the fridge to avoid any waste. Good luck with your move. I will be in the same boat in less than a year *sigh* :-)

  2. We are moving next week! Just across town but still we won't have much to cook with

  3. Hi Adelina, I am happy your husband found a job! I know you loved your home but once you're settled into your new home I'm sure new adventures and experiences will await you and your family! Looks like you're on top of staying organized - hope it all goes well and you love where you land!
    Best wishes - thinking of you!

    1. Oh I do love our home here, it is going to be hard to leave. But we've found an early 1900's home, and I can see many more projects on the horizon.

  4. So you never told me how did your family like the eggplant and the steak pizziaola?


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