Home Maid Simple: Changes are Coming

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Changes are Coming

Good morning everyone! I made a pretty big change here on Home Maid Simple over night.  Look up, up there, see the blog address?  Cool right? 

You can still get here through the .blogspot.com url, but you no longer have to. We are now proudly www.homemaidsimple.com
Like I said, this won't really affect you right now. either url will still bring you here - for now.  I have plans by the beginning of the New Year to have a new host as well. Don't worry though, I'll let you know plenty of time in advance, so you can make the switch with me. I'd hate to lose any of you.
As always, thanks so much for hanging around with me, and reading Home Maid Simple.  Our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages will not change, so you can always find me there.


  1. SO excited for you and your big move!

  2. You are too awesome changing to the com address. I had problems and have been having problems with my feed burner. I will attempt to change my address next week. Any advice?

    1. you know, I didn't even think to check how this would effect feedburner! I'll have to go in and see what I need to do there. Thanks for the reminder.

    2. I got your post via RSS no problem. But I do think you are suppose to change info.


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