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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Creative Teacher Gifts with Printable Gift Tags

I saw this really cute teacher gift idea on pinterest, and decided I would make my first ever Printable!

The idea was cute, but I wanted to make it a little extra special. So I mustered up my courage and made the easiest printable for this.  Who knows, now that I've found just how easy it is, I might be making a lot more for you.
The paperclip and saying came from I saw that Going Differently in my Mind blog.  As a teacher, Mark thought paperclips were a bit redundant since they do have a lot of paperclips already. So I paired them with the New Deo Perfume Candy.  Then I tied it up with some pretty ribbon, and the gift tag!

You should be able to right click on the picture, open in a new window, and then print it out. If that doesn't work let me know, and I'll find another way to make it accessable to you.

We made three of these little gifts - 1 for Princess V's teacher, and 1 each for the secretaries at the High School and Middle School where Mark works.

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  1. Adelina,
    You can also right-click on the tags and "Save Image"; then you just open the image and either print as is (check the size of the image to make sure the tags come out the right size) OR you can "copy image" and "paste" to a Word document, where you can adjust the size. You can "copy and paste" more than one image to a page in Word, adjusting the size as needed, so you can print more labels at a time. :) Hope this helps other readers.
    Merry Christmas


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