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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Furniture Make-Overs

I've decided this will be known as the Year of Furniture Make Overs. With the aid of pinterest and of course a new house to decorate, I've started seeing ideas for furniture make-overs all over the place. 

The first one being our Entertainment Center. We got this from friends before they moved to Alaska last year. When we bought a flat screen for Christmas, we no longer had use of this.  I had ideas though. I've finally decided on turning it into a Dress-Up Closet for the kids. It will stay so much more organized than the box they are currently in.

 This is my entertainment center
below is my inspiration

My next project will be an outdoor bench we have. We redid it a few years ago, but it has since warped again. I'd like to remake it this time into an inside bench. Instead of a lift top, I want to remove the front and add baskets.  Something like this -

And lastly, for now, is a dresser make-over.  I've been itching to do this for a few months now to Prince L's dresser. Only problem was he didn't have a dresser. Until now that is. Isn't it beautiful?

Source: flor.com via Adelina on Pinterest

Now I just need to get warmer weather so I can start these projects.


  1. I really want a dress-up center like that, but I have no idea where to put it. Maybe in our next house.

  2. I love these ideas! Can't wait to see the fruit of all your great ideas the next time we visit!

  3. I absolutely love your style and this would fit your home perfectly. The furniture are look gorgeous

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  5. Nice post on interior designs are looking very beautiful.


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