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Friday, March 15, 2013

A story of Sunglasses and Sandals

We have had a sunglasses problem over here recently. Mark wears them everywhere. He wouldn't be Mark if he didn't have a pair on him all the time. He recently lost every single pair (and he has like 3). We figured the kids must have taken off with them, since that's what usually happens. They all claimed innocence though. For Mark's birthday I let him pick out a new pair.  Guess what happened?  He found his favorite pair a short week after his new ones arrived. And it wasn't the kids - no he had left them inside one of his suit coats. It was like Christmas!

If you are a sunglasses lover like Mark, you'll probably love these from Cents of Style.  The best part is you can get them for Free, today only, with a $25 or more purchase!
Fashion Friday- 3/15/13- FREE Sunglasses with every order over $25.00

Now, for me, it's all about the flip flops. I use to wear them year round, even with feet of snow on the ground. I've gotten old though, and my feet aren't as tough as they used to be. I'm still a huge flip flop in warm months fan though.  It was really sad last summer when my favorite pair broke while at the zoo. We had to stop and purchase a hot pink zebra print sandal, that I normally wouldn't have even considered. 

Well, Cents of Style has got some cute new sandals in today as well, and they are all under $25. PLUS you can get another 10% off with coupon code BREAK.

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  1. Murphy's law of sunglasses. You can't find the old ones until you purchase new ones.


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