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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dream Vanity Mood Board

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Design has been on my mind lately! Last week I had a decorator from Bassett Furniture come in and help me get ideas for our front room that we do everything in. It was so much fun just chatting design with another adult woman, that I started looking around my house at other things I've wanted to update, or redesign. 

One area has always been my side of our bedroom. Though I love the nightstand look, I'd really love to have a vanity. I hate that word though, makes me feel a little vain...ah who am I kidding. I think everyone needs a nice special place for their things. There I go getting off track again. Anyways, I got to thinking, and then talking to a nice lady over at One Kings Lane, and decided to make a mood board of my dream vanity.

Check out their Home Decor Resource Guide

I started by checking out the vanity, or dressing table makeover, I pinned a year ago, but still gets frequent repins. The light from the window gives a nice comforting feel to me. I felt the overall simplicity of this design is what I liked best, but looking at it again now, I feel it's a bit too cluttered....though I'm not sure cluttered is really the word I'm going for here. What do you think? 
dressing table makeover

There are some key aspects of this vanity however, that I do still really like. They are probably why I pinned it in the first place. I like the white desk, and straight lines. Stool - perfect for not spending too much time being vain, but padded so still comfy. Lamp a must, and the wonderful natural light from the window. 

So how am I going to accomplish this in my dream board? I have to take into account where this would actually be able to go in my room. No sense in dreaming something if it can't actually ever happen. Since I would not be able to put my vanity in front of window, the next best option is a wall mirror.

One Kings Lane Pinesdale Mirror
I absolutely love oval mirrors. They frame your face nicely while eliminating background noise. The gold in this particular mirror spoke to me, and feels like it would just help capture the sunlight from the patio door across the room, giving me the natural light we all love and need. 

Now that we've got our mirror and focal point for my vanity, it's time to dream up the rest!  
One Kings Lane Vanity Dream board

Don't you just love it?! I could spend all day browsing the sales at One Kings Lane. You can find a match for just about anything there. Here's what I added to my Vanity Board. 

What would be on your dream vanity mood board?

If you're new to One Kings Lane, you can get a $15 credit just for signing up! I used my credit to buy some cute storage bins for Prince L's room a few years ago, and still love them!


  1. Vanity and night stand together, what a neat idea!

    1. I find the more things you can combine into one, the more simplistic a life you can live.

  2. So cute i love everything about it. also the yellow flowers make it pop.

    1. Yellow is just such a happy color, I had to put some in. But yellow or not, flowers are always a good way to add a little extra to indoor decor.

  3. So pretty Adelina! I love the pops of robin's egg blue. Thanks for linking it up to Best of the Nest!


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