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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One day One Hour! Be Happy On Purpose!!

Do you remember when I reviewed the book Happy on Purpose by Diana Fletcher?  I still love this book, and have made it a part of my early morning studies, alongside my Scripture reading.
Well let me tell you, if you want this book, for yourself or a friend, NOW, today, in 1 hour! is the time to buy it!  From 1:00pm to 1:59pm EST when you buy Happy on Purpose print copy through Amazon.com you'll be receiving BONUS gifts worth over $400!!  What will you get?

1. Exclusive Happy On Purpose Audio
2. 20% off coupon to the January 2012, virtual retreat
3. A month of happiness journal pages
4. The 6 secrets of permanent weight loss by Laura Crooks
5. Feng Shui video with Carole Hyder
6. Thirty Organizing Tips to eliminate clutter E-Book
7. The Simple Steps to Rapid Rapport: How to talk to anyone, anywhere, about anything by Sharon Saylor
8. Click! unlock you soul's code to Business Success by Karyn Pettigrew
9. How to Read Anyone in 10 minutes or less by Nadia Tumas

These are all digitial copies and will be sent within 24 hours to your email.  Buy one for you, a friend, family member! There is NO LIMIT on how many books you can buy, and with each purchase you will get these freebies, so whoever you may be purchasing them for, can also get the freebies!!!

Remember this deal only lasts for 1 hour TODAY, so don't miss it!  Go HERE and follow the links

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  1. Thank you Adelina for posting this, and thanks to all the people who joined in to make our gift giving a success! Happy Thanksgiving all!


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