A Pre-Teens Guide to Cell Phone Etiquette

This post on pre-teen cell phone etiquette is sponsored by Coupons.com. So, you’re thinking of getting your pre-teen a cell phone? Read through this cell phone etiquette guide first! Related Content: Educational Apps for Kids We were those parents who said we’d never get our kids a cellphone – at least not until they could […]

Kind Notes and Candy Canes to Light Your Community

It doesn’t take much to spread a little cheer around your community. This years Light the World campaign gave us a focus to “Light your community.” You may also enjoy: Feed the Hungry this Christmas As You Light the World The idea behind lighting the world is to do things our Savior, Jesus Christ, would […]

When Should A Child See A Dentist for the First Time?

When Should A Child See A Dentist For The First Time? Experts say that kids should go to the dentist by their first birthdays. Good dental care starts early. When kids don’t get the dental care that they need, they may suffer serious consequences. A study published in 2011, in The American Journal of Public Health, showed that […]

4 Fun Ideas to Get Kids Outside

Experts say that children should spend as much as 3 hours a day outside. Meanwhile, most children are actually getting an average of 5-10 minutes a day playing outside. The health benefits of outdoor play are numerous, from better eyesight to decreased stress. Certain studies report that an hour of play outside each day is […]

New Moms Guide on How to Save Money

New Moms Guide On How To Save Money Related Post: Learning to Live Without to Save Money Maintaining a household budget is difficult enough without throwing a newborn into the mix. New moms looking at the cost of children from their infancy up through adulthood may feel like asking for a refund or trying to […]