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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

We found a House

When we decided it was time for a change, and made the decision to sell our home of 1 year, it was hard. For me, it was extremely emotional. We had spent 6 years moving around, renting where we could find the cheapest prices, and we had finally decided to settle our family down, in a home of our own, where we could paint the walls however we wanted.

Packing up and moving a year later was not in the plans. Not even the slightest thought of that. But we did it. It happened. After being home owners, though, going back to renting has been extremely difficult. I am grateful, mind you that our landlord rented his house to us on such short notice, so we could move as a family. I'm grateful for a roof over our heads, that keeps us (mostly) warm at night.  I am grateful for a kitchen, with a stove and fridge to prepare yummy meals for my family.

I am most grateful however, for my husband. That together we knew we wanted to find a home for us again. One that fit our lifestyle, and our kids. One that we could change from just a house, to a home.

And after much searching, we finally found it. I was hoping to show you pictures this week of us moving into it. But it's taking a little longer to close than we had hoped. That is not going to get me down though! It means instead of moving over our holiday break, we get to relax and enjoy family time.

However, I do want to show you some pics of our almost new home.
Sorry it's not the greatest picture. It is pretty amazing though! I can't wait to show you more pictures once we've moved in...hopefully before Christmas.


  1. How wonderful! It looks like it's going to be a great place for your family. Soooo happy for you guys. :o)

  2. Congratulations something to be truly thankful for this Thanksgiving. Hope your family finds peace and comfort in your new home.


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