5 Best homemade Fathers Day Gifts

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I just love Fathers Day! Holidays like this one, though make me want to get a little more simple and homemade. We buy nice things for birthdays and Christmas, but when it comes to celebrating parenthood, I like it to come a little more from the heart. These 5 homemade Fathers Day Gifts speak to Dad from the heart of children.

5 Best Homemade Fathers Day Gifts 

1. Car Shirt from The Blue Basket
Perfect for the overworked Dad taking naps on the floor. Minimal effort for Dad, but the kids will remember an activity like this their entire lives!
2. Tie Basket from Me – directions below.
An easy way to keepsake kids handprints while making a useful treat basket for Dad. 
3. Father’s Day Photo Collage from Positively Splendid
I love this sentimental display of love from children. This would be great for any Dad’s office desk, or nightstand
4. Father’s Day Treat Jar from My Sisters Suitcase
One of my favorite LDS Children’s hymns is “I’m so glad when Daddy comes home”. Putting the words onto a jar full of kisses will make anyone smile. 
5. Father’s Day Shirt and Tie from Paper Crave
Sometimes a good mix of homemade and store-bought is needed. These treat bags are the perfect way to wrap Dad’s gift. 

Last year I had fun putting together the Tie Basket with the Princesses. They got to put their hands in some paint, and leave their mark around the terra cotta pot.  I cut a simple tie out of fabric and hot glued it on. We then filled it with Mark’s favorite treats.  
I absolutely love all these ideas I’ve come across over the years – and thanks to Pinterest can actually find again!. This year I did something similar to Positively Splendid’s Photo Collage. Instead of a single collage though, I made a photo book .  Included in it, I asked the Princesses a few different questions about their Daddy. Things like

What’s your favorite thing about Daddy? and Why is Daddy your Superhero?

I learned that I need to talk to them each separately. Otherwise, they end up all saying the same thing 

Daddy gets us apples and bananas when they’re too high. 

I had so much fun making this book for Mark, and going through old pictures of the kids. Now I’m trying to make one for my own Father and Mark’s Dad. Unfortunately, I’m always a little late on my timing, so the photo books are going to get here after Fathers Day, but they will be worth the wait!

Are you looking for a few more fun and creative Fathers Day Ideas?  Check out the free PDF file from Disney Planes full of Fathers Day Activities.

Download Spend the day with dad! Father's Day Activities
Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad’s out there!

5 thoughts on “5 Best homemade Fathers Day Gifts

  1. Cute ideas. I told my boys the best Father's Day present they could give their Daddy would be to clean up all their toys and movies from the living room so I can clean the carpets, strange I know but he loves the carpet steamed and then movie night sitting on the floor.

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