About Me

So you want to know about me do you?

First and foremost, I am a wife. My husband is my world, and our wedding day is the best day of my entire life.  We are eternal companions, raising an eternal family.

Second, though equally important, I am a mother. At the moment to 3 Princesses and 1 Prince. Are we done? I have no idea! I love these kids, and they are my world.  Read what Real Motherhood means to me

I am also a daughter. Without my parents example, I wouldn’t know how to love, to forgive, to teach, or really to do anything important. My parents taught me at every turn, and I am still learning from them. My mom is my ultimate example of who I want to be, while my dad is my constant hero.
All About Me!  

What do I love?

I love making this house a home. Reading, baking, cooking, and sewing are some of my hobbies. Grab my Free Spring Cleaning Printables.

What I truly enjoy, though, is the outdoors. Going for walks, hiking the mountains, running, and camping. Sharing it with friends and family make  for the ultimate outing. 

I also love history! Historical novels are my retreat, and places like Gettysburg are my ultimate vacation spots!

What are my dreams?

I have so many! I would love to be an interior decorator, a flower shop owner, a cake decorator, a photographer and own a bed and breakfast.  I may be a tad ambitious in my dreams, but every day I am realizing them more. As a home maker I get to be all of the above, right in my own home! 

Contact me at familyroom2@gmail.com
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