Look for the Helpers {Think About It}

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I’m sure you have all seen this quote spreading around the Internet this week. I really fell in love with this sage advice.  It mostly reminded me of my mother and wisdom she would have imparted to me.

Actually it’s very similar to the one piece of advice I’m always holding on to from my mom

When you’re having a bad day – go serve. Find someone in need or pick a neighbor, and serve them.  Take them cookies, give a smile, but lose yourself in serving others.

I would consider my mom to be one of the helpers Mrs. Rogers talks about. She was always helping. Always giving back, and always always teaching us to do the same.

Think About It!

When we are having a bad day, what are we focusing on? Ourselves, right?
So what would be a sure way to get out of that bad day? Focus on someone else.
I think that’s pretty self explanatory right there, on why serving others works.

Think About It!

This week has been an especially bad week for our nation. Beginning with the Boston Bombing Monday, followed by a fire at the JFK library, and then the explosion at the fertilizer plant yesterday. Not much seems to be happy right now. In fact, it’s down right depressing and soul wrenching bad.
This weeks events effected me in a way I’ve never felt quite so deeply about. I was getting easily depressed, but I didn’t have that label for it at first. All I knew was I felt bad. I felt anxious, and I was getting the beginning feelings of nothing matters. Have you ever felt that way?
Before going to bed, Mark had it figured out for me. I had told him I wasn’t feeling good. I even fell asleep in his lap way before we normally go to bed.  When he got me up to bed, he said “I think it’s just this week, and all the events. They’ve drained you emotionally” (ok maybe not those exact words, but something similar).  He was right. I hadn’t figured it out yet, but he did for me. I was drained emotionally, and when we have no emotions left to feel, it starts draining us physically.
Think About It!
I’m a girl of action. Once I know what’s wrong, I do what I can to fix/change it. Since I had a clear answer of why I was feeling the way I was, it was time to take action. I started with sleep. I got a good nights sleep before doing anything else (this obviously I don’t have much control over, it just worked out in my favor last night!) 
Once I was up and going this morning, I made a decision. I was going to look for the helpers, and I was going to be a helper. Besides donating to different funds in Boston (read more about those and get links here), there’s not much I can do to help those effected by this weeks tragedies. There is however, things I can do right here in my own home and community to be a helper.
1 – I can take some treats to a new friend who is feeling overwhelmed.
2 – I can take dinner to my friend who is sick and pregnant.
3 – I can stop yelling at my kids, and try to understand them better
4 – I can turn off electronics and get on the floor, or outside for some quality playtime with my kids
5 – I can support different causes monetarily, or just by word of mouth awareness
6 – I can send a hand written letter to a friend -just because.
Think About It!
I must not be the only one inspired by this quote, because just this morning I saw a few posts looking at the good.  The first came in my email from one of my favorite home bloggers – Lisa at Shine Your Light. Her post “Boston You’re My Home” includes links to photos of helpers throughout the Boston Bombing, and other reasons to love Boston.
A friend then posted as her facebook status “Wouldn’t it be nice if the headlines in the newspaper and on the TV featured people doing good things? Show the good first I say!”
That would be nice wouldn’t it?  Actually the first I heard about the Waco explosion was from a friend who’s husband was called in as an emergency responder. I didn’t know what happened exactly just that I knew someone was helping with some kind of explosion in Texas.
Will you look for the helpers? Will you be a helper today?
Share your story with us!
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3 thoughts on “Look for the Helpers {Think About It}

  1. I love this quote too. It has been a rough week. I have been glued to the news. So thankful for good news last night. I hope this next week is just an awesome week. Prayers going up for the victims family, and those still suffering.

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