Refreshed Dresser with Trinca-Ferro

Refinish a dresser with 1 simple change

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When we moved to North Dakota, we had gotten rid of all our furniture. Besides our beds, we had nothing. With how frequently moves happen, it’s usually how we go. There were a few pieces that stuck around for a couple moves, but even those are long gone. One of Mark’s coworkers was kind enough to provide us with some dressers. 

I fell in love, and knew it would be one of those permanent pieces no matter how often we move. this is an older piece that’s been built well to withstand time. It also gives off a bit of simple elegance that I’m always trying to achieve in our home…or at least in my personal space. 
wooden knobs make the piece feel unfinished
There was one aspect of this dresser though I did not like – the knobs. I’d debated painting them, but trying to match the drawers would have been too much of a gamble, and I really didn’t want to repaint the whole thing. I like the light blue quite a bit. 
Trinca-Ferro Mirror Glass Knobs
Until I had the perfect fix, I decided to leave it alone. No rush meant I could get exactly what I wanted – and that’s just what I did this weekend!  I found Trinca-Ferro in my inbox one day, promoting their Mirror Glass Knobs, and I knew that’s what my dresser needed. The mirror glass really pulls off the old bu stylish look I love.
I love how such a simple change like the hardware can make a huge impact. While no one besides myself is going to get to enjoy the beauty of my dresser, it’s going to help change how I look at other furniture updates around here. See, we moved again to Indiana this time…and we got rid of all our furniture again – except of course this dresser, because, you know
How do you refresh your space?

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  1. Hardware does make a huge difference! When we sold our house recently, I changed out all the old, cheap plastic hardware on our bathroom cabinets to nice metal one and that small change made a HUGE difference in the look of the bathrooms! Thanks for sharing with #BeyondMommyingSiS

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