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Playfoam is a screen free play option kids and parents love. ad

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We love electronics, but with school in session, we like to limit our screen time to the weekends. Finding Screen Free Play that keeps the kids interests for long periods of time isn’t too hard. I received Playfoam for review, all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated when you click on and purchase. 

Playfoam is a mess free screen free play option for kids. ad When I was a kid we were given a tub of playdough and told not to eat it. I admit I tasted it once when I was about 3 or 4 because I wanted to know why we shouldn’t eat it. It was salty and gross. Lesson learned. Fast forward to my adulthood and I learned besides not being edible, I didn’t care much for the mess of play dough. My kids never put the lid back on, it gets squished in my carpets, and usually, after one day it’s a big brown ball as the colors have all mixed together. 

Mess Free Screen Free Play with Playfoam. ad Mess Free, Screen Free Play

Playfoam from Educational Insights gives the same fun creative outlet but without all that crazy mess. Playfoam doesn’t leave a mess around my house. It doesn’t dry out, it doesn’t crumble and turn into a hard rock. It doesn’t stick in my carpet, and it can be mixed without losing the individual colors. The kids can squish it. They can roll it. They can spread it all over their face and hair, and I even encourage it!

Playfoam leaves no mess behind! Ditch electronics for this screen free play option. ad

After Harold was born, my mom came out for a visit and actually bought some of this Playfoam for the kids. I had never heard of it before then, but the kids were having a blast with it. It’s allowed them a creative outlet that I don’t have to worry about while taking care of Harold’s needs. Now, instead of asking for electronics, the kids I babysit are asking daily for the Playfoam to come out. 

Playfoam is a screen free play option kids and parents love. ad

What are your favorite Screen Free Play toys? Have you checked out Playfoam from Education Insights yet?

4 thoughts on “Screen Free Play with Playfoam

  1. How fun!!! I love sensory play and this stuff looks like so much fun. It’s one of the things we haven’t tried yet–I’ll have to add it to the kids Christmas stocking stuffer list!

  2. Playfoam looks like a lot of fun! I want to pick some up for myself to play with! I am a total fidgeter and this looks like it would do a nice job of keeping my hands busy while watching TV.

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