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Saressa Designs is an etsy shop full of beautiful handmade jewelery!  Ladies, put this shop on your Christmas list! Guys, browse around here, and I’m sure that special lady in your life will not be disappointed with anything you choose here!
Rachel, the shop owner was kind enough to let me review a necklace.  Not just any necklace though, a customized necklace to my tastes!   Like any girl, I love dressing up, and getting all pretty, especially for my man.  So I browsed through some of her items, and let her know a couple pieces that I liked, and the color I liked. I was stunned by how beautiful this necklace was when I received it.
Rachel used some cornflower blue quartz in a briolette shape.  She then added a brass heard hand stamped and oxidized with a curvy “a”.  I adore personalized jewelery, and had not expected the extra addition.  What you can’t see pictured here, is that on either side of the lobster clasp is a fresh water pearl.  It really makes finding that clasp easy!  Princess C again, was home when I opened it, and she asked if she could wear it. This, I told her, was for mommy.  She got her HEXBUGS, I got a necklace!  Even better is that Mark says “I approve”.  To me jewelery is not worth wearing if my husband doesn’t like it. I mean I dress up for him, so if he doesn’t like it, why would I wear it? No problem with this piece this though. He gives his stamp of approval!
Rachel has been crafting jewelery since she was a child from old pieces her mom would give her and fishing line from her dad.  Rachel is a mom to 2 boys and loves spending time with all her family!
You can follow Saressa by hearting her etsy shop, following on facebook, or catching her tweets.
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