First Aid Kit

What to keep in a first aid kit

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One thing every home needs is a first aid kit. How many times have you gone to grab a bandaid, only to find you used the last one, or you’re out of antibiotic creams?  I know it’s happened to me quite a bit. I suggest going through your first aid kit about once a month, and adding any items running low, or missing, to your shopping list. You don’t want to be stuck in an emergency situation and find yourself unprepared. 

Home First Aid Kit

Now where do you start when putting together a first aid kit? To get you started here is what I keep in ours:

  • – bandaids, different sizes
  • – gauze
  • – gauze tape
  • -antibiotic cream
  • – vaseline
  • – anti-itch cream
  • thermometer
  • – tweezers (I still need to buy some new ones)
  • – small scissors
  • – cotton balls or swabs
  • – hand sanitizer
  • any medications your family takes 

The last one is where your First Aid kit will differ from others. We don’t have any regular meds to take, but I do like to keep ibuprofen and infants and children’s Pain Reliever in ours.

Once you have all the items for your kit, you’ll want something to put it all in. I love my carrying case. It’s pretty similar to one my mom kept in our cupboard growing up – but until I found one for our family, I didn’t realize it’s meant to be a makeup box. That explains the mirror. Everything fits so nicely in it though!
What’s in YOUR First Aid Kit? Leave me a comment letting me know what I might be missing!

6 thoughts on “First Aid Kit

  1. Great tip! I think we have first aid stuff scattered all over the house : ( Not very good if something major happens! I do have a first aid kit in each of the cars though. At least we are safe in the car : )

  2. I think we have what you have–just not so nicely organized. Great post! Thank you for linking up to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Party, and I have pinned this to the Bloggers Brags board.

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