10 Tasks in 10 Days

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We’re joining with Sit Relax and Read for her 10 tasks in 10 days challenge.  I have so much to do, but I am such a procrastinator some days, that this is really going to get me going!  I loved that Cha Cha posted pictures of her tasks, so I am going to do the same. 

1. Organize kids rooms and toys
Princess V’s room
Princess C’s room 
Princess V’s room
2. Price and change out old light switches
It’s a pretty even split between the older ones and the newer ones, but the whole house really should match 
3. Fix curtains. Starting with my epic fail, then figuring something new for the front room, and something for the girls rooms
I think we’ll take the curtains completely down, and see how that looks for a couple days before doing anything else.
4. Set up craft and sewing table so it can be used
5. Organize around computer desk
6. Paint accent wall in master bedroom
The wall behind the bed we are going to paint Mountain Slate Blue. The master room is long and narrow, almost like a glorified hallway. I’m hoping this will make the room more cozy. 
7. Organize Laundry Area
This area is being used for everything right now, not just laundry. Once the cold storage room is finished I will be able to move most of this in there, but for now, I need it organized into this spot.
8. Find a place and hang this mirror
9. Finish Princess C’s Christmas Stocking
10. Help Princess R paint a picture, and hang every one’s art.
We all painted a piece of canvas to hang on our walls, but that was before Princess R was born. So she needs to paint one (that is going to be a blast!), and then I want to hang them on this wall.
 11. Plant Okra – this includes getting the area we want to plant ready.12. Hang Mark’s hats.
13.Create a better place for magazines
14. Start cloth diapering
15. Wash Windows
16. Organize and Decorate counter between dining room and family room.

So the plan here is to get at least 10 of these completed in the next 10 days.  I’m up for the challenge, are you?

6 thoughts on “10 Tasks in 10 Days

  1. I love that you used the word EPIC- so much impact. You list is great and I can't wait to see the wall blue–pretty idea. Your mirror is beautiful.

    Have fun crossing things off you list,

    Cha Cha

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