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Christmas is right around the corner! Are you excited? I am. I just love the Christmas season. It can be so stressful though! Always so much to do, and not enough time. Sometimes all we really need is a bit of organization.

100 Days to Christmas eBook 2012 | 100DaystoChristmas.com I had the opportunity to read the 2012 edition of 100 Days to Christmas ebook from ListPlanIt.

I loved this book! It helped get me even more excited for Christmas because I think this year, I’ll actually be ready, and less stressed. I always try to keep the holidays from being stressful, but it always sneaks in a little anyways.

ListPlantIt is known for their many lists helping people of all walks keep their life and business organized. From Back to School lists to Social Media Tracking sheets, ListPlanIt keeps you organized!

100 Days to Christmas starts Septemeber 16 and goes right up to Christmas Day. Each page has a simple task to do to get ready for the holiday. From chores, to family fun, this book will  help you balance your holiday season. I especially liked when it suggested going to an Apple Orchard as a family. It gets you out spending the holidays where it’s most important – with family! But you are also getting stuff ready for holiday baking.

Besides the daily task, many of the pages come with suggestions for lists and downloads you can get from ListPlanIt. There is a special code with each book to get to the downloads, so you’re all covered for the holidays. Yay for awesome resources!!!

I suggest getting this soon, so you can start going through it, and be ready for each task.  Some, like the apple orchard visit, may take some beforehand prep – like finding an apple orchard. The ebook is only $5, a great deal for such a comprehensive and useful book. However, you can also get it for FREE if you purchase a ListPlanIt membership. You can view all the details on ListPlanIt.com

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