Our Top 15 Family Favorite Games #ATVIFamGames

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Before sitting back to relax and watch the Live Activision Family Game Summit, I thought I’d take a moment to tell you our families Top 5 favorite Games!

The Kids Top 5

  1. Hide and Go Seek. A total riot in our house! I love the minimal work I have to put into finding as I reach 10, and Princess C jumps out of her hiding spot “Here I Am!!!”
  2. Kick the can. Oh man, sometimes I wish Mark hadn’t taught them this one yet. We had an empty #10 can flying around our living room for a couple days, until I confiscated it for Halloween candy.  I see many future games of this, but played outside when the weather is warm.
  3. Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey
    for Wii.  We bought this for Princess V a couple years ago, and she really loved it. Now all 3 Princesses enjoy playing it. We found out there’s even a 2 player version, which leads to a lot of fun for Princess V and Princess C.

  4. Hungry Hungry Hippos, for Ipad. Mark recently downloaded this, and the girls have had a lot of fun playing it. We used to have the actual game, but half the hippos were falling apart, and the little balls were getting thrown around. I may need to look into finding a new one.
  5. Chutes and Ladders. A classic, easy game for all of us to play together. I especially like that this game teaches us turns, and that we don’t always win.

Mom’s Top 5

ABSTRACTS: "The Game of Absurd Logic"
  1. Scrabble. I’ve always enjoyed a good old game of scrabble. Building vocabulary, and finding just the right spot to squeeze in a word and win major points!
  2. Abstracts. Probably my favorite game of all time! I grew up with this one. I was so excited a couple years ago when I found a used copy at our local thrift store. This is one I think everyone should have.  It helps build teamwork, and because of it’s date, you can learn about some interesting things/people/places.
  3. Clue. Always a favorite! Once I learned how to keep track of all the clues, it became even more fun.
  4. Imaginiff. This has quickly become a favorite over the last few years. Finding out what you’re family really thinks of you, can be hilarious!
  5. Risk. This is one I always enjoyed playing with my brothers…for days on end. We’d set it up, and then become very protective of it as we played for days on end, between chores, school and homework. Some nights, especially on vacations we would stay up all night just to finish playing.

Dad’s Top 5

  1. Mario Kart Wii.  Who doesn’t love this? Especially when you can party with the whole family.
  2. Scene It DVD. Always a fun one, and there are so many versions you can find the perfect fit for your family. I’m partial to the Disney Scene It
  3. The Great Dalmuti. One of the best card games ever. We attempted to make and market our own version once, based on biblical authorities.
  4. Life. Again, a classic. Driving through life, getting married and having kids pop into your car whether you wanted them or not.
  5. The Legend of Zelda(All of them).  You do know why we named our son Lincoln right? So we could call him Link of course!  Well, that’s one reason at least. A fun clean game for the family, with a princess to round out the genders.  For the time being the kids enjoy asking Daddy to play so they can watch.

What are your Family Favorite Games?

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