17 Cents and A Dream by Daniel Milstein {Book Review}

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17 Cents and A Dream

By Daniel Milstein

About the Book: 17 Cents and A Dream is Daniel Milstein’s auto-biography. He walks us through key points from his childhood surviving the Chernobyl accident, and fleeing Kiev, to his teen years trying to fit in as a non-english speaking immigrant to the USA. This book is inspiring to the average person to do more, persevere, and be the best we can be.
About the Author: Daniel is President and CEO of Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group. His business was recently listed as an INC 500 business. To learn more about him you should read this book. 
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My Thoughts: 5 Stars for this touching tale of perseverance. Unlike most auto-biographies of famous people I’ve read, 17 Cents and A Dream was down to earth and simple. I felt like Daniel understood the average person. He doesn’t come off as an arrogant rich guy. Rather he has shared his story of rags to riches in a very humbling way. His story could be one of many immigrants fleeing persecution to live the American Dream.
Despite the challenges Daniel was faced with in life, he pushed to be better. A better man, a better son and grandson, a better student, brother, employee and father. Daniel doesn’t look at his past and gloat that he succeeded. He looks at his past in reflection, ready to learn and continue to push forward. I found this a very refreshing read from a successful, yet humble man. If more of the world could have his attitude I think this world would be a much better place.
*I was provided with a copy of this book for review. All thoughts are my own 100% honest opinion.


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