2012 A Year IN Review

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2012 was quite the year around here. Looking back I wonder how we made it through intact, but here we are. It’s 2013. As part of our New Years Eve Celebration, I asked the family what some of their favorite moments were from the year. 

From Princess V “Watching TV”. This amazing event is probably due to the fact we didn’t have television service for 1/2 the year. I somewhat miss those days.
From Princess C “I love everyone”.  Well gosh Princess C we love you too. 
Princess R and Prince L didn’t have much to say on the topic.  
For me the highlights of the year were
Selling our home and Buying a new one
Yes, we finally closed on this house, and have moved in. It’s been crazy, but worth the wait. I also see another kitchen remodel in our future….

4 thoughts on “2012 A Year IN Review

  1. First of all, I LOVE your kitchen remodel. It's so bright, clean and cheery looking! You'll have to tell me what kind of tile you used on the backsplash. I'm getting ready to do a bathroom remodel and wanted to use subway tiles in the shower. Exciting news about your move! Looking forward to hearing all about this new adventure

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