30 Day Weight Loss Lab

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I received the program to test out and share my honest opinions with you. 

One day, about a month ago, Mark Facebook messaged me from work, and said he’d like to get more active together. We do a lot of sitting around, and there are days here that you really can’t go outside. We’ve “let ourselves go” since becoming parents, and it was time to change that.

While looking for something that we could do together, as well as at home, I found the 30 Day Weight Loss Lab. It has been fantastic! The kids get involved too – as you’ll see in the video below – which makes it all the more fun.

You’ll hear in the video that I’ve lost 5 lbs while doing this program. Let me tell you about my measurements though.

When I started the program I had a waist line of 41 inches, and my thigh was 19 3/4 inches. I retook those measurements this morning, and my waist is now 39 inches and my thigh 18 1/2. I’ve never actually took measurements like this before, and seeing those numbers drop was more fulfilling to me than the 5lb loss.

Can you tell a difference? I don’t think so yet from an outside perspective, but the way I personally feel is amazing – and that’s what this is all about right? Yes I want to lose weight, but more importantly I just want to live more healthy.

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