30 Random Acts Before 30

Do 30 random acts before you turn 30

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Last Saturday I turned 30. The big 3-0. I feel like an adult finally. Maybe that sounds weird, especially since I have 4 kids, and the oldest is turning 10 this year, but I’ve still felt very young. I wanted to do some random acts, so I turned to all of you.

Do 30 random acts before you turn 30

I asked on Facebook for random acts I should do before I turned 30. While I was hoping for many items I had never done before, there were some of course that I have done in my life. The following is the list you all came up for me. 

Write a Letter of Gratitude – My Mother raised me to always write a letter when someone gives you something. While I haven’t done this for awhile (shame on me), I have done it in my life. It’s a good reminder to keep it up, though, so I plan on writing a letter to thank the EMT’s who showed up to help a few weeks ago when Lincoln needed stitches.
Go Mountain Biking – Check! I’ve done this twice in my 30 years. The first when I was 17 had me believe I’d never do it again. The 2nd was a month or so ago, and now I love getting on a bike!
Swim in Lake Michigan – I did this a few weeks after my birthday when we took a camping trip up to the lake. It’s a beautiful lake!!
Walk to Church – I have done this! Many many times.
High Five a Stranger – So as far as memory served, I have never high fived a complete stranger. To take care of that, while grocery shopping Saturday morning, I managed to get a high five from this sweet older man after I helped him find the bread he was looking for.
Kiss a Baseball Bat – It’s random and costs nothing, so why not? Checked that one off the list last week.
Take a Cave Tour – I have taken a cave tour before. I couldn’t tell you exactly where, because I was a kid, and we did lots of cool things. But I have done this. 
Wear a Suit and Tie
Make a Sugar Scrub and let the kids apply it to me
Give Flowers to a Random Mom
Visit another church and ask about their beliefs – As a teen my mom took our seminary group to a Jewish Synagogue. It was a wonderful experience I remember fondly. We also attended another christan church when our friends baby was christened. Then there was one summer my mom signed us up for Vacation Bible School at the local non-denominational church. I recall all of these experiences fondly, and love talking to others about their religion
Play the Alphabet Game in a Grocery Store, using only the front of the packaging – So much fun! We bought only 26 items, and we had to find them in alphabetical order too! You can check out everything we bought on Periscope, just search for me!
Visit 3 new countries via Google
Snail Mail Letters – Again, I grew up snail mailing letters. I snail mailed some bills last week, if that counts…
Get a Pedicure – I have had about 4 in my lifetime. I sure wouldn’t mind getting some more.
Bake Cupcakes with the kids – We love baking! We made brownies this week, but we’ve done cupcakes before.
Try and Keep 30 Balloons off the ground – I was going to do this, but the kids claimed the balloons, and popped them before I could even try.
Visit a Cemetery and find someone with my birthdate – It just so happened that last Monday was Memorial Day, and I did find a headstone with my birthday on it. I silently wished the person a happy birthday. 
Have a Spa Afternoon at home
Play Restaurant with the kids and let them serve me
Sleep an extra Hour – all week long! The kids are out of school, so I took full advantage of sleeping in. 
Sleep an extra 30 minutes – I took a 30 minute nap on the couch. It was beautiful. 
Smell 30 Flowers – OK I haven’t counted, but I love flowers, so I’m pretty sure I’ve smelled at least 30 flowers in my lifetime.
pick 30 dandelions and make a wish – sadly there didn’t seem to be any dandelions left this time of year, but if you follow my IG account, you know I love dandelions! One day I will get 30 all together and make a big wish.
Count 30 stars – Counting stars, another favortie past time. And now I live where I can actually see the stars at night. 
Play board games – Board games are awesome! Check out our families Top 15 favorites
make Cookies and give to a stranger – Half done. We made a muffin mix in a jar, we just need to find a stranger to give it to now.
Take time to myself – Surprisingly enough, despite how busy I am, I do get time to myself. 
Try a new food – for my birthday dinner we made some Carne Picadda. It was really good! 
Enjoy an activity from my childhood – After a not so great afternoon, I took the kids out to Walmart and we splurged on a Badminton set. I loved playing with my siblings, no matter how bad we were at keeping the birdie in the air. We had such a fun evening showing the kids how to play.
Take children out separately
Plan my dream date
Attend the temple – I was unable to attend last week, but I have attended the temple multiple times. For my birthday, we did help clean the church building next to the temple, which I find to be another wonderful way to serve.
Write my testimony in a Book of Mormon and share it with someone – 8th grade Science Teacher. After I was unable to attend our LEGO Robotics meet because it was on a Sunday, and he graciously understood and respected that choice, I felt I could share my faith with him. It turns out he had been baptized many many years ago, but had lost touch with the church. It was such a wonderful year. 
Finish a novel – I finished reading The Outlaw’s Quest: Book 2 in Keeper of the Books Series by Asher Elliot. A Fantastic series you should check out!
Eat favorite treat – in case you ever want to know, my favorite is cheesecake, but I also really like Rollo’s. I had Cheesecake a few weeks ago.
Run through the sprinklers  – check and check. Running through sprinklers is fun! You should all do this, and definitely before you turn 30.
Make something based on ingredients the kids give me
Paint a Picture – not something I did this week, but I have. I need to buy more paints, and then I’ll paint another one. 
Write a letter to my future self – done, will do again.
Make up a Dance Routine – little known fact, I took Ballroom dance in high school. For a competition, my partner and I had to make up our own routine. So yup, check that one off.
Lip Sync, videotape it
Chinese Fire Drill
Roll Down a Hill – growing up on a hill, yeah I’ve done this. It never goes out of style though, so I took the kids, we found a hill, and we all rolled down it together. 

Total Random Acts Accomplished: 31

What Random Acts Have You Done?

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