3rd Time’s the charm! Tweet to win 2nd Honeymoon

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Round 3 of Modern Greetings 2nd Honeymoon Contest is here.

Round 1 we shared our Funny Wedding Photos, Round 2 we pinned our destination Honeymoon, Round 3 is all about your proposal story.
Just tweet your story to @ModernGreeting with #MGTakeUsAway

Then head to the Modern Greetings Facebook Page and follow the directions to claim your entry.

Mark had a nice proposal all planned out for me. He was going to take me to visit one of the LDS temples, and play his saxophone for me, then propose. Well, good old me, one night as he dropped me off at my parents, I threw out the question

“If you had the ring would you propose tonight?”

Guess what? He had the ring. So he proposed then and there on my parents doorstep.  Not as romantic as he had planned, but still one of the best nights I’ve ever had. I ran inside and told my sister, who rolled over and went back to sleep promptly. I personally didn’t sleep much that night as I admired the glow coming from my finger.

Do you think it’s a good enough story to win me a 2nd Honeymoon? What about you? What’s your story?

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