4 Reasons to Invest in Handcrafted Furniture

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Do you want a property that looks the same as everyone else, or a home that stands out from the crowd and makes a statement? Furniture is an essential part of your home, but it’s not just about form and function, it should be beautiful as well. Your furniture should make a statement about who you are. When you invest in handcrafted furniture, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

If you buy your tables, chairs, wardrobes and cabinets from the high street, you’re purchasing items that were made on a furniture production line. There’s still a wide range to choose from, but somehow they all look very similar. You can walk into a friend’s house and identify that their furniture came from Habitat or Ikea. Is it time that you made a real change in your home? Here are just some of the reasons why handcrafted furniture is right for you:
  • Turn your furniture into a talking point
  • Enjoy exceptional quality of work
  • Keep traditional crafts alive
  • Cut down your carbon footprint
Let’s take a look at why handcrafted is so much better than mass produced.

Let Your Furniture Do the Talking

Do you like to entertain house guests?
Dinner parties are a great way to share beautiful food, fine wine, and of course, catch up on all the latest news about the community. What happens while you’re spending time in the kitchen? Your guests start to examine your house more closely. The topic of conversation changes from who’s going to marry whom, to how stylish, or not, your home is. When you invest in beautiful handcrafted furniture, you’re instantly getting one up on all your guests. In the nicest possible way, of course. Sit your guests down around a bespoke rosewood dining table, or invite them to take a decanter from your teak drinks cabinet. When the furniture is handcrafted, it stands above everything else.
Don’t worry about fitting topics to bring up during the evening, your furniture itself will become the talking point of choice. Handcrafted furniture is
saying something important about you. It’s saying, ‘I enjoy the finer things in life, and through hard work, I’ve reached the point where I can have them.’

It’s All In the Detail

Quality of workmanship is everything. Mass produced furniture may look okay, but it doesn’t have the wow factor that artisan
made furniture has. The fact is that modern furniture manufacturer isn’t about a craftsman who has spent decades honing his craft, it’s about a person
programming a computer to tell machinery what to do on a repetitive basis. When you buy handcrafted furniture, you’ll be getting a level of detail that you won’t find in retail chain outlets. The materials used will be more durable too. Large scale furniture suppliers are, understandably, looking to reduce costs and maximise their profits. One way they do this is by buying wood in bulk at bargain prices. Artisan furniture makers, however, place quality as the number one priority. They use high-quality natural wood, and this not only gives it a striking appearance, it makes it more durable and less susceptible to knocks and scuffs. Whether you’re buying vintage chairs, or modern hand made tables, you’ll still receive the same exceptional quality that’s stood out through the centuries. It can cost less than you think as well. Find handcrafted pieces at competitive prices on Wayfair ~affiliate link.

Preserving Skills for Future Generations

We live in a consumer-driven world, but it’s also becoming less patient. The average consumer wants something right now, and at as cheap a price as possible. It’s for these reasons that mass produced furniture is becoming increasingly predominant, to the detriment of hand made furniture.
Discerning consumers, however, realize that patience is a virtue and that it’s worth paying just a little more to have an item of true quality. The skills used in the production of handcrafted furniture have been passed down through the generations, for hundreds of years. Traditional methods of wood carving, furniture turning and carpentry can’t be learned purely on the Internet, they have to be absorbed from a master in the trade. If these skills die out, then they can never be learned again. By purchasing handcrafted furniture, you’re helping to preserve these techniques for your children and grandchildren’s generations.

Make Your Furniture Greener

The weather is becoming ever more predictable, and we’ve all seen the devastating results this can bring. Climate change is happening right here, right now, and we need to do all we can to slow it down and then reverse the effects. One of the ways we can help is by reducing our carbon footprint. A great way to achieve this is by buying local whenever possible. Another way is by buying handcrafted goods. Because they are made using traditional methods, handmade furniture consumes much less power during production and there is much less waste of natural resources such as wood. Even if you buy handcrafted furniture online, you’ll be doing your bit to create a more stable and sustainable environment.


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