4 Smart Ways to Make Your Design Classy with Wrought Iron

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Many of us are always looking for a way to spruce up our homes with innovative decorating ideas and unique interior design elements. But sometimes it is tricky to tell if a trend is classic or just a passing fad that will soon make the interior seem outdated. Today’s trends range from hipster to bohemian chic to vintage styles.
A good way to incorporate current trends in a sustainable way is to look for materials that prove timeless and can be used in a variety of decor styles. One popular but classic element is wrought iron. The clean and decorative look of iron can be added to your interior in numerous ways. As blacksmithing rapidly expands as a valued craft, handmade iron pieces are highly sought after to use in both exterior and interior decorating.  If you are looking for a long term, lasting design feature, here are some ways to implement wrought iron into your home.

Make Iron Your Focal Piece

When it comes to design, adding whimsical touches that reflect your personality and taste is important since you are the one who ultimately sees your decor everyday. Allow your creativity to come out and play with design features that are unique but beautiful. Consider different spiral staircases to showcase your wrought iron design or choose a wrought iron focal piece by the front door that doubles as a coat rack.


Changing out your light features for new wrought iron pieces is a great way to class up your home. Have fun finding a wrought iron chandelier that utilizes faux candles for light, or hang lanterns and sconces on the wall. Decorate with wrought iron candlesticks for a spin on a traditional classic. With lighting fixtures and candle holders, you can range from a serious statement piece to a simple touch of this classic element.

In the Dining Room

Wrought iron furniture can bring a subtly industrial look to your room’s design. Coffee tables that are wrought iron with a glass table top surface or an iron table with a granite slab attached can both be unique ways to incorporate the look of black iron which matches almost any style. Different from traditional wood, wrought iron can be used in conjunction with wood for an alternative spin in your dining room.

Wrought Iron Accents

Accent pieces like wrought iron clocks, door handles, fireplace details or ornate wall pieces such as mirrors add eye catching detail to high-visibility areas. Simple iron pulls on cabinet doors can beautiful a kitchen, bath or bedroom. Doorknobs add a distinct style against wood. Using wrought iron for cabinetry hardware or as door hinges and locks enhances the appearance of natural wood without dominating the room’s over all design.
When it comes to decorating your home, think outside of the box using different materials to improve your home’s style. You might even fall so in love with wrought iron that you’ll start using it everywhere. 
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