5 minutes alone, what will your children do?

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This morning started out pretty nice. Princess V woke me up and then went to read stories to Princess R in her crib. It was really cute. We had a relaxing breakfast and let Mark and Chloe sleep some more. Once Chloe was up and fed, I headed back downstairs to wake up Mark and get dressed. I checked on the Princess’ first to make sure they were playing nice, and not into anything they shouldn’t be. Then down I went. It really doesn’t take that long for me to get dressed, and I talked briefly with Mark before heading back upstairs. I was shocked, awed, and horrified to what I came up to.

Yes, friends, that is flour. About 3lbs worth of it too, I’m guessing. That was not fun to clean up. I pulled out the vacuum, but of course, the Princess’ also love to play with the attachments, so I had no attachment to get this stuff out. I got as much up as I could, and then remembered my sewing machine attachment. It’s the same attachments for a regular vacuum, but on mini scale. They worked thank goodness, it just took double the time!  I finished up the cleaning, wiping the whole couch down with a damp towel. I really hope it got it all!
The next question is, what is the consequence? I know Princess V instigated this adventure, since she has tried it before (just caught a lot sooner). And I know she knows she’s not supposed to touch the flour! So what’s a parent to do?
We emptied her room. Every last toy is out of there! We threw it in garbage bags and hauled them downstairs. She now has to prove to us that she can obey rules, and slowly will she get her toys back. Now don’t think we’re unfair parents. Princess V had had warnings before. Princess C on the other hand, was more a joiner, so her consequence this time, was to sit in her room until the mess was cleaned, and Princess V’s room was emptied.  Princess R is too small to understand fully, so her consequence was being blocked from the “fun room” while mommy was “having fun” cleaning it. She hates being blocked from a room.

5 thoughts on “5 minutes alone, what will your children do?

  1. Oh No! SO sorry to see this…I love your consequences for their actions though. Good thinking. I sure hope they won't try anything like this again (as I am sure you do too!)

  2. Ack!!! That has been done in our house…but not on that scale! Mine did something similar with markers and play dough when she was 4 because I denied her candy.

    Consequence appropriate I'd say.

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