5 Sick Day Essentials

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We have been terribly sick with colds this week. It’s passed through all the kids, and has left Mark and I a bit drained every day.  As I was trying to get some kind of sleep, I started thinking about the essentials my kids need to start getting better.  So of course I had to compile it into a fun pin-able post for you.


When you’re kids are sick, one essential you’ll want to have on hand is blankets. Besides helping keep from a chill on cold days, there is something comforting about being wrapped in a blanket.  Also have a favorite toy nearby for extra loves for the little ones. Add in cuddles from you, and all the love is sure to help your child feel slightly better.  If not it will at least keep you smiling with your kids.


Movies, Books, and board games.  Grab a pile of your child’s favorite stories, and put them within easy reach. I don’t know about other moms, but I still feel guilty sitting them in front of the tv for the day, even when sick. We do watch more tv when sick, but I like to add in books, and simple board games we can play on the couch.  It keeps their minds active, while their bodies can’t be.


There’s only so much misery I can see my kids going through before resorting to tylenol and ibuprofen. When a fever spikes though, I don’t mess around, so I try to keep well stocked on childrens and infants ibuprofen.  I keep cough drops, like Pine Bros, on hand to help soothe the throat. Mostly though I like to rely on my rainmate with essential oils and steaming showers.  I also just came across this DIY shower vapor discs I want to try now too.

Comfort Foods 

Chicken Noodle Soup, Ramen, water bottles, and lots of Vitamin C. I have a recipe I’ll have to pull out for you, but it uses a lot of Tang, sugar, and cloves to up your Vitamin C. When I don’t have my mix for this handy, I pull out our herbal teas and honey for a soothing drink.  Don’t forget yourself either. Keep some chocolate nearby to keep you sane during those long nights of coughing fits, and 2 year olds sleeping on your  head.


Lastly, on any sick day, everyone needs to get lots of rest. Especially mom! If you run yourself into the ground taking care of everyone else, you won’t be well enough to care for yourself, and be more prone to catching whatever is spreading. So do the necessities, and then take your rest with your kids. You’ll all get better faster.

3 thoughts on “5 Sick Day Essentials

  1. Super dad conked out too.I rest when they rest.Even though my kids are tweens,when they are sick, they still like to be cuddled and loved on.(glad they do.

  2. Don't forget Grandma Venice's favorite cold remedy – eucalyptus oil. You put it on a sock and pin it around their neck (making sure the oil does not get on their skin because it can irritate sensitive skin.) If you don't have it in your essential oils, you can get it from any pharmacy.

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