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Welcome to our Think About It Thursday Meme. Every week we talk about something new, different, and mostly thought provoking. Sometimes it’s serious, sometimes it’s funny, and sometimes it’s just rambling.
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This weeks Topic
What 5 Things are you most Thankful for?
Halloween is now behind us. It is November, and for most that means lots of family, baking and traditions; at least in the US. I realize Canada already celebrated their Thanksgiving (thanks for going with this topic anyways Eschelle!).  My group of mommy bloggers and I decided we would take the whole month of November to talk about Gratitude, Giving Thanks, and Thanksgiving in general.
For me, there is so much I am grateful for, but I’ll try to stick to my top 5 today.
1. My family. Immediate, extended, in laws, and ancestors. They all mean so much in my life. My parents, I don’t think could have been any better. They care about all their kids, and no matter what are always there for us – through the ups and downs. My husband, I love with all my heart. He makes such a wondeful Daddy to our kids. He works hard because he knows it’s important that I raise our kids. My kids because well they are just little miracles. The joy they can bring to any room, and smiles they can put on anyones face, just warms my heart. My in-laws, because I don’t think I could have gotten any better. They are truly an amazing couple full of love! And of course all my cousins, aunts, uncles, sister inlaws, brother inlaws, you all are so unique. You each inspire me to be better in different ways. 
2. My religion. I don’t mention it often here, but I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, aka Mormon.  Yes this is the religion of my parents. No, we don’t practice polygamy. Yes I don’t drink alcohol, tea or smoke. No I am not forced to be a stay at home and under my husbands tyrannical rule. Yes I chose to stay at home and be a mom to my kids because I believe it’s important (and I don’t have a tyrannical husband). No, actually I do believe in the Bible. Last and to me the most important thing because nothing else matters, is that YES I do believe in Christ. I believe He is the Son of God. I believe He came to earth to show us the path to return to Heaven. I believe in doing good to all men. I believe Christ gave His life for each one of us, because He loves us each individually and knows each of our own personal sufferings. My religion is who I am. It is what shapes what I do. And I am so grateful I have it in my life, because I have felt so much joy through the knowledge I have from it.
3. My baby brother.  Right now he is serving a 2 year LDS mission in Boston. I miss him like crazy. When he was little, he was my tickle buddy. We always had a blast together. And now he is serving others for 2 years. Giving 2 years of his life for something more important. He has set an example for my family that I love. I will deal with missing him for 2 long years, because he is blessing the lives of others. Last week my dad found a voice recording of my brother and sister that they must have sent me when I was just in college. They missed me, wanted me to visit soon. And they loved me. Seriously, I just have some awesome siblings that I love.
4. A roof over our heads. I may complain about the mice, or the sloping floors, or the carpet in the kitchen. But when it comes down to it, I’m just grateful we have a roof over our heads. That my family has shelter from the elements. That we have heat to take away the cold nights. Rooms to sleep in, and beds too. A kitchen to cook in. I have a house, and it sure beats being homeless!
5. Modern technology. Ok I’m not that big into tv and the latest gadgets, but I do love modern technology and the access it gives us. I get to send my voice to thousands of you through this blog and it’s many social media platforms. I get to connect with people I haven’t seen in years. I have been able to make new friends, that I probably will never even meet, but that encourage me every time I struggle with something. I love that modern technology can bring families spread over the world all together. My brother just created us a family site on myfamily.com  It is awesome! My older brother who I don’t stay in contact with as much as I should, I now feel close to again. Modern technology is a wonderful tool, when used for good.
Now it’s your turn! We’re not picky really, just try to stay with the theme of gratitude, grab our cool button (made by Mark), and link up below! We love reading your posts, and hope you enjoy ours.


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