5 Things you need to look for before you buy Essential Oils

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The healing benefits of essential oils
have been revered for thousands of years for both the physical and
emotional well-being they can deliver. Discover the positive
influence these powerful oils will bring to your life and home in
their purest form. Today’s market is very different from what it
once was, with a multitude of companies influencing your decision.
Take a look for these five things before making your decision to buy
essential oils. These crucial items to consider will be instrumental
in helping you invest in the right oils for you.

are the Oils Distilled?

There are a number of different ways
essential oil companies choose to distill their oils, each method
claiming to be the most effective in delivering the most pure and
beneficial oil. Avoid the essential oil companies that claim to only
use the first batch of essential oils during the distillation
process. While this batch produces the most fragrant oil, it lacks
other elements needed for these essential oils to be as beneficial as
possible. During the second batch of distillation, sesquiterpenes are
brought into the product. These molecules contain many of the healing
benefits. Companies that only use the oil produced from the first
batch of distillation are not delivering all the benefits essential
oils can hold.

are their Plant Sources?

While some essential oil companies grow
and harvest their own plants for production, others do not, or do not
clearly indicate where their plant sources are coming from. When you
buy essential oils, ensure the company you are buying from is upfront
about the botanicals they use, and provide at least some information
on the process. The best essential oil companies will have their own
farms where they can monitor and keep watch over the production.

and How are their Plant Sources Grown?

We have already established that the
best essential oil companies produce their own botanicals for their
products, but it is also crucial to look at where these plants are
grown. These farms will likely be spread all around the world, giving
the plants the chance to grow in their natural climate to reach their
full healing power. Make sure the company you buy essential oils from
is transparent on where their oils are derived, and their role in

the Products Natural?

This seems like a question that
wouldn’t need to be asked, but some essential oil companies use
other synthetic materials in addition to the natural plants. There
are an alarming number of products that use low quality oils or even
oils that have been chemically altered in the production process.
Avoid these essential oils at all costs, instead selecting those
products that are naturally healing.

are You Looking for in Essential Oils?

There are many different benefits from
essential oils, each one fulfilling a different purpose. There are
oils for the home, your own physical wellness, some for beauty,
mental health, and emotional wellness. Consider your reasons for
using essential oils and buy from the company that produces the right
essential oils for your situation. Each of these should be natural,
grown by the company, and distilled properly to bring the best
benefits to you.

Before you buy essential oils, ask
yourself these five questions. Find the company that fits these
requirements to help you choose the most effective products out

Author Bio:

Jessica Leilani has been
in the health and fitness industry for over four years and loves
every second! Jessica has always led an active lifestyle. Her
background is diverse: she’s a personal trainer, group exercise
instructor, Pilates instructor, and weight loss expert. With a B.S.
in Exercise Science, Jessica is now going down the essential oils
path and wants to help other people along the way with choosing
essential oils.

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