5 Ways to improve bedroom design {Guest Post}

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5 Tricky Ways to Improve your Bedroom

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces you can design according to your personal preference in the house. It is the room you go to after a long and tiring day at work. It is also a sanctuary where you can feel most at home. The ambiance should be one that’s invigorating. However, oftentimes we only have ordinary linens, regular-sized bed and plain colored walls with no added features. In this article, we will teach you some tricky ways on how to improve your bedroom.
1. Be Creative with the Pillows
Don’t just stick to having rectangular pillows on your bed. Instead, buy those shaped like a heart, a star, or even a cartoon character. Match this creativity with bold designs for the cases of the pillow. Try color blocks and different patterns to form accents in your room. Rather than small prints, opt for big ones. Floral, geometric and abstract lines are recommended.
2. Build Improvised Book Shelves
Book shelves do not need to be those bulky ones when they are to be positioned inside your bedroom. If you are a book lover, why not decorate your room with shelves on your current big blank wall? Get a medium-sized wood and ask a carpenter, family member or friend to put it up against the wall—and voila! You get instantly cool-looking shelves. Paint them with a color that best complements the rest of the four sides of the room.
3. Hang Large Artworks as Decors
Artworks may be in the form of photographs, drawings, illustrations, scanned works or paintings. For an interesting appeal, a tricky way is to cut out one whole landscape painting into three, frame each of them and hang them on the wall against your bed. If a piece of furniture is too much for your budget, these beautiful frames can be your local point taking the central angle in the bedroom. Just don’t overdo it unless you want your room to look like a part of an art museum.
4. Buy a Transformational Bed
By a transformational bed, it can be a bed that can be converted into a sofa, a table and one that can be put back to the wall—thus hiding it when not in use. There are custom-made ones of these beds and those available as ready-made from retailers. Incorporate unique finds like this and you’ll amaze your guests the next time they enter your room.

5. Layer Your Flooring With Classy Vinyl Tiles
Never underestimate or ignore the floor. Occupying the largest area in the room, the floor is one that can get most attention when improved with all-out commitment. You can inject hints of different colors and don’t stay put with ordinary wood parquet, neutrals or the monochromes. If you don’t want to change the entire flooring, invest in a really soft and exquisite carpet or rug and give your bedroom a touch of royalty.
Bedroom improvements do not have to be a full-scale expensive project. Simple replacements of cute pieces here and there would spell a lot of difference when put together. Consider upgrading the look of your room every once in a while. Opt for a more livable space while expressing your creative freedom. With a good layout of plans, you’ll surely put your dream room to life.

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  1. I'll use some of the tips you give here in our house in Indianapolis. This is one good way of making some reinventions in your home and bedroom furniture, to add some life and color in it.

  2. Clean everything and remove all unnecessary things that you are not using. Make it minimalistic style so you will have more space to walk. If you don’t have time to clean, at least book part-time or hourly maids .

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