80Bites Update and a menu

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I completely slacked off in my 80Bites updates here. I was doing great until the Holidays and then my posting just got thrown off. I’m still trying to find a good groove for 2013.

I finished the 12 week program with 80 Bites though, and am really feeling great about it. I am no dieter. In fact I am as far from dieting as you can get. I love food, very much. Not only does it keep us going, the flavors you can create are so extraordinary. So you will never see me taking hunger suppressors, counting points or calories, or going on Juice Fasts.

(FYI, if you choose to do those things, more power to you! They just aren’t for me)
The 80 Bites program is not a diet. I’ve referred to it in the past as a diet program, but truth be told, it’s not. Yes I was hoping to lose weight while following the program, and I did. The truth about 80 Bites though, is that it is a food guide – a healthy way to eat, that doesn’t restrict, is easy to understand, and really just a bunch of facts put together in a way to transform eating habits.
Before getting to what I learned over the course of 12 weeks, I’d like to share this fun little rap put out by the folks at 80 Bites and Sam Stomach.

So what did I learn from 80 Bites?
– 80 Bites is a good guideline for food each day. A little over 80 Bites won’t hurt, but keeping it as close to 80 as possible really makes for the ideal stomach size.
– You won’t starve. It takes a little getting use to, but turns out I was eating close to 80 bites already.
– I learned about my own eating habits as I had to reflect and be more observant. Breakfast is very important to keep me from snacking crazy the rest of the day.
– I learned how to balance a simple meal using the 80 Bites building blocks – protein, veggie, fruit, grain, and beverage.
– Did you know juice during a meal is better than water, as it helps aid digestion?  Water is best to curb hunger between meals, and keep you hydrated.
– Last and most important, I learned that I have more self control than I’ve given myself credit for. I can have leftovers, and turn it into an easy snack/meal the following day. I don’t have to eat it to avoid waste 🙂
One last tidbit for you – When I started the 80 Bites program I weighed 165. Today I weigh 156.
I am pretty proud of the weight I’ve lost, and I know with the things I learned from 80 Bites, I can maintain, and hopefully lose a little bit more. It’s a slow weight loss, but I also haven’t been exercising lately. Once I add that exercise back in, I have hopes of reaching my goal weight, and maintaining it.  No more over-indulging for this girl.
Weekly Menu –
Monday – Sausage, Egg Potato Skillet
Tuesday – Honey Mustard Pork Chops
Wednesday – Tortilla Soup
Thursday – Fondue “Tea” Party (Valentines!)
Friday – Pork Chow Mein
Saturday – Princess C’s birthday. She has requested we go to Chinese.
Sunday – Salmon Quiche
*I received the 80 Bites program free of charge to write my honest review.

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