A 1 Car Family in a Modern World

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1 car family

Last week Mark sold his truck.  With a possible (and 98% likely) move again in our future, and trying to finish our bathroom remodel, I believed Mark decided to sell in order to have just a tad more money to finish things up here.

Communication was not our strong point that weekend, when 20 minutes after he told me he was selling his truck we had a buyer willing to pay our full asking price. Mark’s reason for selling was to purchase a smaller more gas efficient car that could commute him the 2-3 hours north in search of a new job.

So for the moment we hit a crossroads. I was thrilled to be a 1 car family, and Mark kept browsing cars for sale. Although I am perfectly content for the time being owning 1 car, I know in the future it will come in handy to have 2 vehicles in this fast paced world. So I did what I always do at times like this – I thought about it!

Let’s make a pro and con list, shall we?  Feel free to leave me some comments with any pros or cons I may not have thought about.
pros and cons to owning one car
For now, we are sticking with the 1 car. Not because the pros outweigh the cons. Actually, the cons just slightly outweigh the pros for me. I like to know that if there were an emergency I wouldn’t have to wait for someone to pick me up, or rely on a neighbor to get us to a hospital. That right there provides so much peace of mind, that having 2 cars will be worth it. 
However, we will be waiting until we know where we’re moving, and Mark has a job before making this purchase. For now, during the summer, 1 car suits us just fine. I  have gotten so much exercise in the last 3 days it’s unbelievable!  I love how I am feeling, and how much fun I see the kids having on their bikes. 

6 thoughts on “A 1 Car Family in a Modern World

  1. We did one car for several years. On days I needed the car, I would drive my husband to work. It can work! It's been nice to have two cars now that the kids are older though, and I'm running them to preschool and stuff all the time.

  2. We did the one car thing for most of this past year. Not on purpose, but our cars seemed to take turns breaking down. It wasn't the most convenient thing to have to load up my little one to take my husband to school or work, but we survived just fine.

    1. yeah, when he was leaving for work at 7am, and the kids were still sleeping, it would not have been fun! Funny thing though, Mark came home and showed me a car he found that we both actually like. We just may be back to 2 cars tomorrow, lol.

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