A 2 year old, a Hammer, and a Single Pane Window

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What do you get when you mix a 2 year old, a Hammer, and a Single Pane Window?

Are we remodeling? you ask.  No, No we’re not. This happened shortly after Princess R, the mentioned 2 year old, locked herself (for the 3rd time) in one of the bedrooms. I attempted using the hammer to pry the door open, but the walls are a good 2-3 feet thick, and my hammer is not that long.

I guess I left the hammer on the floor….though I may have also put it on Mark’s dresser. But that doesn’t matter, because Princess R climbs his dresser all the time in search of treats. I guess this time she thought the Hammer would be a fun toy.

There I am, pot of water boiling for our Oh so Healthy Macaroni and Cheese lunch, mixing up a bottle for Prince L, when I hear it. The sound of glass shattering.

What in the world? I say to myself. So I hand Prince L his bottle, and go investigate.

I yell up the stairs “Girls, did something break?”

“MOM! R has the Hammer and she hit the window!”

SHOOT! Off I go, running up the stairs, just as I hear it again ~Shatter~ 

Once I got the kids out of this room (which we don’t use for anything anyways), and the glass picked up, I made the dreaded call – our Landlord. How was I supposed to explain my 2 year old having a hammer, because I left out, because the doors have privacy locks that she can lock, but can’t figure out how to unlock, so I needed the hammer to pry her out without breaking the door, which resulted in her getting the hammer and breaking the window?

Thankfully, it boiled down simply to “The kids were playing upstairs and a window got broken. What do you want me to do?”

Well, hopefully he’s on his way over today to fix it. In the meantime, I probably should go cover it with some cardboard and tape to keep some semblance of heat inside the house.

Of course after this little incident, we then had Princess C turn off the lights, and lock Princess R in another room. Sigh. I’m going to need some of these door muffs to keep the locks from being turned!

Source: etsy.com via Adelina on Pinterest

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