A Beutiful Sight to See {Wordless Wednesday}

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I love this man!  I was feeling absolutely awful a few weeks ago. Day 1 – I thought it was a cold. Day 2 – I thought flu. Day 3 – just had some sniffles. Of course it was on day 2 that I really really wanted to get the garden tilled up. So when Mark came home and asked me what I wanted him to do, I politely asked if he wouldn’t mind tilling the garden. And he did. That is true LOVE!

Of course earlier in March he also was our hero, when he dropped what he was doing at school to come home and save us from this beast of a spider.

I think it’s safe to say, I married the right man. I just hope he knows how much I appreciate him.

And in case you’re wondering – I finally today, almost 2 weeks later, got the peas planted. but at least it was tilled.

One thought on “A Beutiful Sight to See {Wordless Wednesday}”

  1. You got a good one Adelina.
    Mine is not so practical, but he's great for the kids. You want a canoe built or maple syrup made my husband is your man. Regular yard work… not so much.

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