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Have you ever wanted to start your own business? Tired of working for others, or not happy with any career you’ve had?  Maybe you’ve been laid off, and haven’t been able to get back on your feet.
A Billion Entrepreneurs the movie is all about taking life into your own hands. You define your Freedom, Security, and Success!  
How would I describe these things?
Freedom – the ability to do what I want, when I want, and be happy doing it.
Security – Not worrying if we can afford milk. Knowing that a well balanced meal will always be on the table.
Success – A happy family as well as making those we interact with happy.
Currently this blog has met my definition for Freedom and Success. Although it doesn’t provide entire security since it is more a hobby, it has afforded us an extra sense of security.  Home Maid Simple has been my introduction to Entrepreneurship. As I learn the ropes of engaging with you my readers, and develop ways to bring a little extra security to my family, I have found happiness and a sense of self that I was losing in the midst of PPD. 
One thing Mark and I love to do is sit and dream of different businesses we’d love to run. Although we can’t do them all, because there’s only 2 of us, but one day we will land on exactly what we want to do that will define our freedom, security and success. This year we’ve decided to work on 2 of them. Together we are developing a product – I’ll let you know when it’s finished – and I am working on writing a cookbook. 
These are things I personally never thought possible for me. They were dreams for someone else, but surely not ones I could achieve. I’ve learned though, and that’s what I love about the A Billion Entrepreneurs movie, is that it is going to inspire so many people to go out and dream. To define their life the way they want to. 
Will you become an entrepreneur?  Will you encourage someone to follow their dreams?  Check out this clip, and get inspired!
Taking responsibility for outcomes!”
“An Entrepreneur in ever home!”

So what is your purpose?  Help A Billion Entrepreneurs the movie fund their indiegogo campaign and inspire the world. 

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