A Birthday Letter to Princess C

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Dear Princess C,

Today you turn 7 years old. Time flies by when you’re having fun – and you have always had fun! You know how to make fun in whatever situation you’re in. It’s been a long year that included moving, making new friends, and beginning 1st grade – which meant all day school for you! Through it all, you’ve looked on the bright side, and made life fun. Our home wouldn’t be the same without you in it.

I was worried going to school full days would wear you out too much, but instead you have just thrived. There are some days I can tell you are still tired, but you push through. I love that about you! Always trying your hardest. Just remember, don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow yourself some grace, and learn from mistakes so you can be better the next time.

You played Gretl in The Sound of Music this last fall, and despite some pretty late nights, and little time for anything else, you did amazing! I was so proud of the not so little girl I saw on that stage. It wasn’t just about the acting, you really shined your personality for everyone to see. You made many friends, because you were you.

What do I mean by that? Well let me tell you about the little girl I see everyday.

You love freely. Hugs are a must with you, and it’s how you show so many people your love. Who doesn’t love a hug? I hope you keep giving out those hugs, because I sure love them!

You compliment others. You may not realize the importance of telling someone you like their hair, or their shoes, or their shirt, but I can see the joy it brings people. Your words act like an extension of your hugs. Never forget that. I hope you always use those words for good and kind purposes.

You’re not afraid to speak your mind, and share your feelings. When something bothers you, you let those around you know. This is important. It’s also important to learn the best way to express your feelings. From love to frustration and sadness, emotions are healthy when expressed. I never have to question how you are feeling, because you let me know.

You my dear girl, are growing up so fast. You love learning, reading, and pretending. Though I may not tell you, I love when you sneak a light to bed to read. I secretly hate taking that flashlight away.

As you begin this new year at 7 years old – I want to tell you 1 thing. Continue to grow. Keep seeking out new ways to learn, and become more You! I want to work with you this year in finding your passion. Something that truly speaks to you and your talent of loving others and exploring the world.

All My Love,

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