A Look at our Kitchen

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Isn’t it pretty?  I cleaned it especially for you guys today. Yes we bought another house wish a hallway kitchen.  It does have more room and potential than our last kitchen though, and infinitely more counter space than our rental.

This year we plan on remodeling the bathrooms, but I believe the Kitchen is on our to do for next year. In the meantime I may do a little touching up here and there. I love the pull down shade in the window, but it’s pretty dirty. I’m hoping my sewing skills are up to the task of redoing it with some fun fabric. Although I’m more worried about my mechanical skills to make sure it still works once I’m done. Of course the wallpaper also has to go, and a back splash behind the oven is needed.

I obviously need more chalkboard stickers on my canisters as well. I usually have to open 2 or more to find what I’m looking for. Of course there’s my stack of cooking magazines as well. Always handy for quick menu planning.

Eventually it will all come together.

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5 thoughts on “A Look at our Kitchen

  1. The first thing I thought was how clean it is! Glad to hear it's because you cleaned it for the pics… I was feeling a little bad about mine. I didn't get it cleaned for the pics. LOL.

    Stopping in from Mama Kat's.

  2. My kitchen is in a serious need of an update. It's straight out of the '80s! Love the light from the big window over the sink. Have fun turning it into what you want! :>

  3. I actually really, really love your cabinetry! There's something about them that's very mod. Does that make me weird?

    Following you in my reader now! I can't wait to see what you do. 😀

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