Add a Little Color to Your Porch

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I love spring time! All the flowers begin blooming, and the world becomes a more colorful place. Every spring, though, I look at my front porch and feel blah. There’s not much color besides the door (a dull green), and it doesn’t feel all that inviting. This year, I decided to remedy that.  After planting my vegetable garden, the porch has become my top priority! I need a little cheerful color greeting me as I leave and come back to the house each day.
The great part is that it’s really easy to add some color, and it doesn’t have to be expensive either. I used what I had on hand, along with some flowers I received for Mothers Day to put together this bright little piece for my porch.
First gather your supplies. You’ll need the following:
A colorful bucket
flowers, or flower seeds
Moisture Control Potting Mix
a little backyard dirt

Add color to your porch with Miracle Gro


Next fill your bucket halfway with the Potting Mix. If you are repotting flowers make a small well and transfer the flowers to your bucket. Top off with a little more potting mix, and some backyard dirt. Water the flowers, then sit back and enjoy your little splash of color.

Don't forget to water your porch flowers
Don’t worry if the flowers are looking a little wilted when first planted. With Miracle Gro’s potting soil, a little sun wand water, and the flowers will perk right back up.

Add a pop of color to your spring porch

For more fun garden projects, visit Miracle Gro’s Pinterest page. Then get out and grow something!

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