Adding a little Spring to the Bathroom and a Giveaway

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Out of all the household chores, bathrooms seem to be low on my list of what gets cleaned, when it should probably be higher up. Sometimes I think it’s because as a kid in my parents house, I cleaned my fair share of bathrooms. Perhaps now I’m trying to do something “new”, all while knowing I should be cleaning bathrooms.

Somedays I realize though I just need to get it cleaned up, at least part of it. Getting new items to make the room look a little more pleasing is always a plus though – like Mrs Finnegan’s Finest Soaps!
I know it’s not just me, so please raise your hand if your bathroom ever looks like this –
Now admittedly the fact the sink is outside the actual bathroom and more in the closet surely doesn’t help. Many things get laid on the counter, like pants, that should be hung up. Even without the set up though, our bathroom counters tend to just get cluttered. Wyoming Girl Turned Coastie Wife has a great article on organizing bathrooms in small spaces everyone should check out. 
Alright, so I took the first steps and cleaned up the space, but as I did so the beautiful spring colors in the soaps reminded me of some bowls I’ve had in storage since our trip to Japan. I decided to move all the hair ties from the plastic bag into a bowl, as well as the q-tips. It just looks so much nicer alongside the Blackberry Sage Soap
My parents brought us a flat rock they found while camping last year, that works perfectly as a soap holder. It all feels so lovely and natural around our master bath sink now. Don’t you think?
I want to help give you a little boost to your bathroom, so Mrs. Finnegans is offering up 3 bars of soaps to one of my readers. To enter use the Rafflecopter below. 
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