After (sort of) Kitchen

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Ok I really really wanted to link this up last week, but I just kept hoping we would get the Kitchen done before the end of April. Well, it’s May now, and we’re still not quite done with the Kitchen. So I decided to show you anyways!

Let’s take a quick look back at what we started with, shall we?


I am so happy to say, that even though it’s not done, my kitchen is finally a place I truly enjoy being in!  Check it out. I’ll try and point out everything we did for you.
I gave these sneek peek photos on facebook.

New cupboards from Ikea! We assembled them all ourselves (and I only messed up a few times, haha)

We also bought this butcher block counter top from Ikea. I loved the blonde wood, but we stained it a little darker than this picture shows. Oh and see what’s under the counter? A DISHWASHER!!! I’ve been handwashing all our dishes for the past year. Having a dishwasher has been pretty nice.
Are you ready to see it all together?
ok here it is!

Pretty much the whole kichen is brand new. I absolutely love the glass doors. It makes this otherwise cramped space feel more open and friendly.
By bringing the door frame down we were also able to thread some electrical through the wall and put the lightswitch on the other side. The fridge is no longer in the way of it! 
Speaking of the fridge, we also placed a water line in the sub flooring so our ice maker actually makes ice now, whodathunk!

We still need to finish the backsplash, add the toe kick to the bottom of the cupboards, trim the  doorway and add a light over the sink. After that, it will be officially done.

The biggest problem we ran into here was the plumbing.Nothing was up to code, and we’ve never worked with plumbing before.  Sadly the consequence to that is another flooded basement, and a call to the professional plumbers. They were great though and taught is some things for future DIY attempts.

Now how about my other before project?  Baby Prince arrived 5 days after his due date, and at almost a month old this is how that project turned out

At 10lbs 6oz now, and on a schedule. I couldn’t have asked for a better baby (fingers crossed that I don’t jinx it by continually bragging about him, but really I’ve never had this good of a kid!)

TDC Before and After

7 thoughts on “After (sort of) Kitchen

  1. I don't know who or what to comment on first. The kitchen looks amazing so clean and open. Good counter space. Well done. and Little Prince well he looks like he is doing so well a very content baby (who looks just like your husband).

  2. Oh My Gosh!! He's beautiful!! Congratulations – I am so happy for you!!!! How scrumptious is that baby boy, seriously – you are blessed. Hope you are enjoying every sweet moment with him!

    Your kitchen looks fantastic too – you did so much! The cabinets and countertop are gorgeous and the dishwasher??? That's got to be the most exciting part of the reno for you!

    Good things all around – enjoy.

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