Allons Danser! Learning French through Song and Dance

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I started learning French in 5th grade. For 2 years it was part of our rotation with other classes like Home Economics, Shop, and Art. When 7th grade rolled around though, kids with high grades in Reading and Language Arts could choose to drop their reading class and take French. I loved it. I never truly got the conjugations and his/her possessives. Though I could say a few words here and there, it never really stuck. 

So when my senior year of high school rolled around and I found myself sitting in an AP class, getting ready to take a college test in FRENCH – I took a hard look at what I knew. And what I knew was that I had no idea how I was even getting an A in the class, because I was pretty sure I was fudging my way through. I felt all I truly knew were sight words, and a few phrases like “puis-je aller aux toilettes?” (translation anyone…)
At that point I decided it would be best if I dropped my French class, and moved on to other interests. I regret, not that decision, but that I didn’t work harder, and study more while taking those classes. I viewed them more as fun, than useful. 
This year, we had the opportunity to sign Princess C up for a dual immersion program that would run 6 years. I looked into it, and loved the idea of her learning a language at such a young age. They say children catch onto foreign languages easier than adults because they are still learning to form different sounds (or something like that). Unfortunately after I continued to look into the immersion and even drove over to drop off our application, I just didn’t feel it was right for her or us. boo, sad face.

THEN I heard about WhistleFritz. Started in 2006 by a mom looking for a way to teach her children a second language. When she couldn’t find anything on the market to fit their needs, she made her own.

Allons Danser! has 20 songs on it, some of which are classics we already know, others are new to us. Rather than tell you about them though, just watch my kids listening and having fun.

They’re having so much fun! The kids can now name different body parts thanks to La Tete, Les Epaules (Head/Shoulders), and can count to three with Un, Deux et Trois. The music is all upbeat and fun, so even if they aren’t listening to the words, they can have a lot of fun dancing around. Eventually they’ll start picking up on it. 
Have your kids learned a second language?

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4 thoughts on “Allons Danser! Learning French through Song and Dance

  1. Well done for choosing to learn French. It’s brilliant that you get to practise with a French speaker every week. If you want to do little activities Arthur will enjoy.We Provide best French language courses all over the world. Contact us for French Language Learning or visit our site.
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  2. I had French from fifth grade through 10th and again in college, and still I know very little of it. I still would like to learn it. I was always better at reading it than speaking it or understanding it spoken. When I see a French film I sometimes try to understand what they’re saying without reading the subtitles, but usually I can only catch occasional words here and there.
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  3. Want to try pole dancing? Not to mention that it requires extreme levels of fitness and muscular strength. You won’t be able to if you are the shy and retiring type. Consider your personality and music tastes before choosing a dance style.

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